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Latitude – A map of your friends, real-time

August 18, 2009

Latitude is an application that runs on Android phones as well as the web. It lets you report where you are (well, where your phone is) to a group of people, and see map-based views of the people in the group. Sort of a mash of maps, gps, and maybe social networking. Here’s Google’s youtube clip introducing it:

You can monitor your friends vacation (it’s international) or track where your friends are on a party night, but I bet there’s also some applications of this that could help people in more profound ways. So far, though, the response has been about big brother concerns (see cnn, info week, and Times articles).

Brightkite and Rummble are competitors.


  • You need to enable GPS on your phone– you can do this by selecting Settings | security and location | enable gps satellites.
  • You can invite others to join you through gmail.
  • I started it on my phone by going to maps and choosing latitude (it wasn’t a separate app.)