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The Long Tail

October 7, 2009

When I first read about the Long Tail, I didn’t quite grasp the concept but with the help of Wikipedia, the idea of it has been clarified for me. From what I can see, the use of the Long Tail concept in business cannot go on without both the commercial and the independent. The Long Tail entails (No pun intended) a delicate balance between a steady flow of sales for the less popular end of media and products all the way up to the media and products that appeal more to the masses.

Malcolm Gladwell’s reference to Moskowitz and his spaghetti sauces and what not was really enlightening. Gladwell’s promotion of the idea that variety is the spice of life and necessary to success in not only business but a pleasant lifestyle is something everyone should take into consideration, especially corporations who are headstrong about appealing solely to the masses. It’s only by accepting the varying preferences of the public and doing the best to satisfy those preferences that businesses and society in general can live in comfort.


The Cloud Computing Connection

October 5, 2009

Initial thought? Cloud computing is one of the best things to ever happen to man since sliced bread.

Why is this so? Through the miracle of cloud computing, users the world over can communicate with each other through means of sharing and exchanging media and information simultaneously. If it were not for the cloud, we would not have applications and online software available to us such as YouTube, iTunes, and Facebook. Online software such as these four I just mentioned have changed the face of media and pop culture. Never have we been more empowered by information and knowledge and its ease of accessibility.

Flipping the Big Switch

October 4, 2009

What is it exactly about the Big Switch that sends shivers down Nicholas Carr’s self-contained spine? If anything, it’s saving us  money and ultimately making our lives easier in terms of obtaining information and such over the internet. No longer do we need to buy burdensome hardware or software. We’re able to more easily connect with others with common interests and goals over the internet.
Although there are many positives to the concept of the Big Switch, negative aspects, too, exist. Carr’s fears are understandable and perhaps resonate with each and every one of us in some way. Deep down, to a degree, we all must have some sort of  fear of settling down in a state of massive self-reliance on the world wide computer and its endless amount of accessibility. No longer must we be self-reliant when it comes to obtaining media and information but we must be careful so as not to become too dependent on the utility that is the internet.

For all the flaws of the mass media, it helped give diverse people a common sense of identity; it served as a glue for society. That glue is being dissolved, and a lot of the mainstays of our culture, such as the kind of hard journalism that was traditionally done by newspapers, are facing severe economic threats.

This point that Carr makes is valid to me but at the same time, I feel that society will be able to find a balance between both physical and virtual media. It’s always better to have physical copies of media anyhow so his saying that culture is being undone practically by the virtual media is kind of ridiculous.

I sketch out some of the scenarios for what might be called Cold War 2.0 in The Big Switch, and they’re not pretty. The Net has the capacity to bring people together, but it also has the capacity to divide us in ways we haven’t seen before.

The first part of Carr’s point may seem paranoid but I agree wholeheartedly with his mentioning that the internet can both bring and divide people as never experienced before. This is only one more reason to be more aware of our usage of the world wide web. All in all, I simply think that although some of Carr’s points are convincing, all that the world needs to do is be aware of their internet usage and reliance so as not to be so indulged in the vast amount of information and media available to us.