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the clouds are looking mighty fine

September 28, 2009

You may be familiar with cloud computing but you just didn’t know it. Google apps such as Gmail and Google Docs are taking advantage of the infinite storage possibilities that are presented by the cloud. The cloud makes life a lot easier for an individual user like me or for a small company that needs someone else to take care of the storage space that they may need to be able to run their products (such as, Animoto, Twitter). Last year I was able to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits. My class partner and I were working on USF’s Wikipedia page for our final project. We had to edit a section of USF’s page but because our schedules were hectic, it was difficult to meet and collaborate on the changes we wanted to make. But Google Docs allowed us to have a document online with the information we wanted to present and be able to edit it. Now, we didn’t have to worry about being in the same place at the same time. The cloud is definitely taking off and it’s pretty awesome.


Switching it up!

September 15, 2009

I found that Nicholas Carr’s article “The Big Switch”, was extremely interesting. I had never thought that computing was starting to become a utility but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. The Internet no longer seems to be another commodity and not having access to this service and a computer just doesn’t seem feasible. I’m excited that something like cloud computing now exists because no longer are companies going to have to worry about not having enough servers to meet the customers demand, they now can just worry about the product that they are building for their customers. The fact that the Internet can store so much information is amazing and that applications like Twitter, Flickr, etc. exist. These types of services are allowing users to communicate in another way. Twitter is doing this by allowing its users to post micro blogs and not only are these users communicating, “I just had the best chocolate chip cookie ever!!!” but they are also letting those who are in the middle of life changing events also communicate. Corey Flintoff of National Public Radio talked about this in his article, Gaza Conflict Plays Out Online Through Social Media. Flintoff explained how twitter’s micro-blogging site allowed its users in Gaza to tweet about the violence that had erupted between Israel and Hamas. The information that these users were providing to the public was not accessible to large news organizations because they were just not able to gain access to Gaza. Situations like this show how important it is to have cloud computing.