Location-Aware Services

Augmented Reality with Wikitude:

Sentient Computing meets Social Networking (pdf)
Sentient Computing paper from WW3 09

New phone apps seek to ‘augment’ reality, CNN article

short youtube clip introducing Latitude

NY Times article on Latitude

Info Week Article on Latitude Privacy Backlash

CNN Article on Latitude and Privacy

Integrating your Social/Mobile networks

Integrating Social Networks and Sensor Networks (paper from w3c 2009)

Social Change


Net2ThinkTank: Nonprofits & NGOs UsIng Mobile Phones and SMS for Social Change post about Ken Banks of and his article: Social Mobile and the Long Tail

Didactics World pdf Article with nice pics, etc., Ken Banks

Mobile development rings true, Ken Banks BBC article

Mobiles Help Put a Stop to Drug Stock-outs, Ken Banks PC World article

Mobile Phones Join the Rural Radio Mix, Ken Banks PC World article

‘Social Mobile’ Applications: The Missing Book

video: Ken Banks talk about frontpagesms and its effect in afghanistan,etc.

Tapping the Mobile Digital Tapestry: Can mobile 2.0 companies make money without being greedy for personal data

Build it and They Will Come, CNN article about mobiles replacing wallets in Asia


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