The Go Game-A Dumb Phone Adventure


I worked on GO Team this summer, and we helped run the freshmen overnight adventure, DiscoverUSF. While the students were here, we (paid tons of money and) got to play the Go Game! It was incredibly fun and it serves as an example of what technology like FrontlineSMS can do for “dumb” phones, beyond the wonders its done for “dumb” phones in developing countries!

Basically, a group of students would get a lunch box with a map, BART tickets, and a phone. After turning on their phone, they would receive a text message with a question that would prompt them to text back the correct answer to get a clue to their next question or task. The tasks would take students to various sites in SOMA and the Mission. A Go Game server would assign the teams points on how quickly and accurately they answered the questions. It was great competition and more fun that one might think!

I personally think it would be really cool to create a similar program for Android. A user could play games with their friends, choosing from among different themes and difficulty levels. Who knows, it might even be a game a user could play by himself in order to get to know a city he’s visiting better?



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