The Long Tail


I think the most interesting thing about the Long Tail article and what its suppose to do is its connection with spaghetti sauce. As Long Tail pushes forward it connects with a theory of spaghetti sauce. Gladwell’s discussion on spaghetti sauce has a lot of similarities between the Long Tail. Research showed that in order to please the public, people wanted a variety of spaghetti sauce. This is the exact theory of Long Tail. The theory of Long Tail allows a user to have an unlimited or what seems to be unlimited access to any kind of movie, book, or song that he or she may want. Long Tail networks allows people to have a variety of choices just like spaghetti sauce did.

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Rhapsody have catalogs with what seem to be a never ending choice for movies or CD’s. I think the concept of Long Tail allows people to have a identity again. It allows the public to break free of what the top 100 songs are or top 100 movies and allows people to choose things that they like. This to me was the most empowering thing about the Long Tail concept. I think that a lot of the public had lost a desire of what he or she wanted and conformed to what everyone else liked. I think this partially happened because of stores like Blockbuster and Barnes & Nobel providing only a certain amount of entertainment. But, now with an open ended catalog that allows users to choose something that’s not “in” grants someone to have their identity back.


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