The Long Tail


When I first read about the Long Tail, I didn’t quite grasp the concept but with the help of Wikipedia, the idea of it has been clarified for me. From what I can see, the use of the Long Tail concept in business cannot go on without both the commercial and the independent. The Long Tail entails (No pun intended) a delicate balance between a steady flow of sales for the less popular end of media and products all the way up to the media and products that appeal more to the masses.

Malcolm Gladwell’s reference to Moskowitz and his spaghetti sauces and what not was really enlightening. Gladwell’s promotion of the idea that variety is the spice of life and necessary to success in not only business but a pleasant lifestyle is something everyone should take into consideration, especially corporations who are headstrong about appealing solely to the masses. It’s only by accepting the varying preferences of the public and doing the best to satisfy those preferences that businesses and society in general can live in comfort.


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