The Big Switch


After the reading  The Big Switch wrotten by Nicholas Carr, I am have some ideas.  Things are changing, fast, but what are the things going to be like?  We now have companies building huge datacenters all around the place for people to use.  Everyone who can use the internet can have access to those datacenters. 

When I think about “anyone” can gain access to the datacenters, it makes me feel strange.  Let me ask a question, if you have 1 million dollars of cash inside the safe of your house.  Would you like to let other people to find out where the safe is located in your house?  I do not think anyone would enjoy it.  So come back to the datacenter.  If your company need to store some very very important data, would you store them in those datacenter?  For now I do think many would do so.  But whatabout 10, 20 or 50 years later? Maybe or maybe not. 

For now after the reading  The Big Switch I do think many people are using these datacenters for personal use.  I am one of them.  As a college student I love the idea of the low price or free datacenter.  So what will I do when I leave college and come to the world?  I have been using these datacenters for so long it is becoming part of my life already.  Perhaps, this is a slow change insde me but a fast change for the next generation, because they will be using these services since they are very young.  Maybe one day our computer would only have a few GBs of memories becuase we do not store anything inside out computers anymore.


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