On Cloud 9


So until about 2 weeks ago if you had asked me what cloud computing was I would have said it’s where the gods go to get on the internet.   And I would have been completely wrong.  Cloud computing is a nice easy way to store information online and use servers without actually having any of that.  Obviously, I had no idea what I was talking about.  Until I started my computer science class 5 weeks ago, any technology jargon I would have tried to make some silly pun out of.  I don’t know too much about it.  But I am learning…

So the cool thing about cloud computing is that there is basically in infinite amount of space for you to store all of you information and then someone else manages it.  If only we had that for the rest of our lives, right?  To be honest, if you asked me about the nuances of the technology all you would get is a blank stare.  I think that the concept is great.  It allows for companies to focus on their websites and their applications and not on spikes in usage and where they are going to actually keep all of their information.  To be honest, that doesnt apply to me, a a student of art history, so I don’t find it terribly interesting, but I get it.

What does fascinate me is the fact I had been using websites that are part of the cloud and didn’t even know it.  Like facebook.  Think about how many people are signed on at any given time.  Millions, right?  And all the photos stored on the website, not to mention the thousands of other applications you can download.  And how about YouTube.  All of those videos in one place for us to find.  Most of the world is part of the cloud in some form or another, whether it is through employing a cloud to manage your website or using a website that is managed by a cloud computing system.  The whole word seems to have its head in the clouds (even if they don’t know it yet)!


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