Cloud Computing to the max!


Before taking my computer science class, I had never heard of anything concerning cloud computing. That is, I had never thought I knew anything about it. It turns out that I use something working off of a cloud every day. Every time I’ve ever signed on to Facebook or watched a Youtube video, I’ve benefited from the cloud. After learning a bit more about it and how it works, I believe that cloud computing is one of the better ideas in the computer world. The main benefit I see from working with a cloud is that it would be much easier to start a successful online business. Instead of needing to invest a fortune in servers and bandwidth storage, one can use the resources within the cloud to handle almost all of the processes involved in the running of a business. For example, the application based out of New York called Animoto had doubts about whether or not they had enough space, servers, or other resources to successfully run their business. After looking into cloud computing services based out of Amazon, however, they found that they could use as much bandwidth and as many servers as necessary. In fact, during one of their biggest peaks in usage, Animoto didn’t have to buy a single server. This shows just how versatile the cloud can actually be.

     The other main benefit that I see coming from cloud computing is that it’s possible to run many useful applications using the cloud. Websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and even USF’s blackboard program are all examples of cloud computing at work. Instead of needing to buy extra memory for a computer, you are able to store anything necessary in the cloud. It is also convenient because you don’t necessarily need to worry as much about the security of your information. Instead of buying expensive external hard drives, all of your data is stored via the cloud. If cloud computing continues to progress as it is now, there’s no telling what could be in store for us next.

For those still confused as to exactly what cloud computing is, I found that this video explained it pretty well.


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