Cloud Computing


Sitting in your living room, have your favour music on the background, wearing whatever you feel the most comfortable and doing your work.  It does sound good, doesn’t it?

Having someone in China working on a project with you while your are sitting in the office in America, do not need to pay extra to get that person to where you are. It does sound good, doesn’t it?

Having someone to watch over your servers, taking care of the sudden increase of hits on your web sites and the most importent part is you do not need to buy the servers and hire those IT people.  It is just great!!

Thanks to Cloud computing, these great things are now happening all around the world. 

With Cloud computing we do not need to install all different kinds of softwares into our computer, which is saving us many moey and time also the memeory for the computer.  The price for the memeory per bits are also decreasing because now they are competing with the huge data center.  Also as we are using the internet to gain access to the data centers, we are now able to do our work anytime we want and in any place we want as long as we have internet access.

I will be joining the working group soon since I will get out of college soon.  For me, Cloud computing is just the best news.  I work better in my room instead of the labs or anyother places.  So when I have a job and with Cloud computing, I may be able to stay in a right place to do the right job.


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