Living in the Cloud


The idea of cloud computing is very different from most forms of computing because it takes one of the main parts of a computer and throws it out the window. What I mean is that the hard drives that are found in today’s computers could be gone tomorrow and replaced with small drives once again. I have a two terabyte hard drive for storage of all my data. Cloud commuting would eliminate the need for this and I would only need enough space to hold my OS and a few gigs of RAM.
Cloud computing would take all of my data and allow it to be accessible from anyplace with an Internet connection. Now this would be great but our current info structure that brings us our connection to the web will need to be drastically changed before cloud computing can ever have a chance of making it in the mainstream.

In the United States high-speed Internet companies charge extremely high rates for what is comparable to slow speeds in other countries. On top of this, they are currently trying to cap our services, so that they could charge us more if we go over this cap and one such company that is planning to do this is Comcast. Comcast has decided to place a 250 gigabyte a month cap on all users service. Further more I feel that in order for cloud computing to work we need to be able to be connected wherever we go. Currently technologies such as 3G-cell service cards are regulated even more heavily then our broadband. Once you use your 5gigs of bandwidth you will be charged extremely high rates. Ultimately before we can embrace cloud computing we need to fix our connection to the Internet.


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