the clouds are looking mighty fine


You may be familiar with cloud computing but you just didn’t know it. Google apps such as Gmail and Google Docs are taking advantage of the infinite storage possibilities that are presented by the cloud. The cloud makes life a lot easier for an individual user like me or for a small company that needs someone else to take care of the storage space that they may need to be able to run their products (such as, Animoto, Twitter). Last year I was able to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits. My class partner and I were working on USF’s Wikipedia page for our final project. We had to edit a section of USF’s page but because our schedules were hectic, it was difficult to meet and collaborate on the changes we wanted to make. But Google Docs allowed us to have a document online with the information we wanted to present and be able to edit it. Now, we didn’t have to worry about being in the same place at the same time. The cloud is definitely taking off and it’s pretty awesome.


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