Up in the Clouds


“Cloud computing” is definitely a new term in my vocabulary.  The other day when I was explaining cloud computing to my friend she was a bit impressed.  She thought that it was one of those rarefied concepts that only IT professionals know.  Which is kind of true because I don’t know anyone outside my computer science class that knows the term.  And yet, every internet user engages in this new concept.  It is one of those blind things that humans tend to do without knowing what it is called because cloud computing is something that happens behind the scenes.  That is unless someone tries to do business or applications with this.  When someone begins using the cloud they notice some beneficial characteristics of the cloud like: scalability, reliability, sustainability, security, and, especially, the low cost.

In this article the pros and cons of cloud computing are noted.  In addition to the cons, I would like to ask: What would happen if one day the cloud disintegrated into thin air?  All of the files uploaded, all of the service provided to internet users would be erased.  This would be a technological apocalypse.


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