Take it Slow


In the Big Switch Carr talks about the future of computing.  Although I think that he is a little exaggerated in his claims, I do agree with his overall message.  The idea of the negative effects of computing becoming a utility can be applied to many other aspects of our lives.  While the ability to constantly advance rapidly in various fields has enabled us to make amazing strides as humans, we have also faced many consequences because of the speed of development.  Take the cancer fighting drug Tamoxifen for example.  This cutting edge drug, used to prevent the return of cancer in breast cancer patients has begun to show signs of unfavorable side effects.  I use this example because it demonstrates how rapid advancement is not always the best kind.

While I don’t believe that the advancement in technology will be our demise, I do think that we need to examine all of the consequences before we rush into new technology blindly.


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