The Big Switch


In an interview with Nicholas Carr , author of The Big Switch he talks about the idea of computing becoming a utility. I think the idea of this becoming a reality is a very good thing. The idea of giving the user the ability to not just accesses their data, but their entire set up, there programs setting book marks on any computer at any time is the future. People will no longer be forced to carry all of their data around with them on laptops with huge hard drives. All data will be stored in the cloud of massive servers located in huge underground data centers.
This could completely change the game when it came to buying a computer. People will no longer need that 2.9GHz Core 2 Duo processor. The speed of your processor would mean nothing because all of the large amounts of computing that eat up the processor on a current computer, will be handled back at the server end. The hard drive space on a new computer can be much smaller then they are today and the user would only need enough space to hold a OS and a browser. This will completely change the way we buy computers today. Computers can become much smaller and lighter as can be seen with today’s netbooks.
The huge battle over operating systems could ended forever because if everything is stored on the cloud the user is no longer constrained by there OS. I am not running that program locally on my computer it is running in some data center. So why would it matter what OS I would use?
The idea of cloud computing could change the world and they way we use computers and I hope that one day it does.


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