The Big Switch


After reading the article on The Big Switch, I think that Nicholas Carr makes some really revolutionary statements but also has some very scary thoughts about the new world wide web. I think the Internet becoming a utility was a huge  progression for our society. It is amazing what has been done within the past 10 years. Opportunities are becoming accessible through the Internet and through different media outlets that use to seem impossible. This in itself creates many chances for business, entrepreneurship, and a medium for  artist’s to get out their word out and share there ideas with the world within a free utility.

However, I think it is really scary that if the Internt does become a full blown utility like electricity did, then the distruction of the middle class becomes a very frightening reality. If business’ were able to run their company through the Internet without having to buy or pay a team to manage operations then it makes sense that companies will go to alternate and cheaper routes to make there ends meat. Going overseas to get cheaper labor makes Nicholas Carr’s prediction about the middle class seem like a close reality.


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